Recently an online MMO based on the cult tv show Friefly was announced. This seems as good an excuse as any to take a look back at one of the most beloved yet short lived tv shows and its political messages. Why its politics? Because they are one of Firefly’s most interesting yet overlooked aspects, probably due to their, let’s say “complexity” for lack of a better word. That isn’t to say Firefly’s political messages aren’t complex, or complex political messages are a bad thing, only that Firefly’s politics defy easy categorization. So with that in mind I plan to rewatch Firefly in the coming days and/or weeks to look at what it might be saying about the way human beings govern themselves.

First off, this will all be my own personal interpretation based on my own, admittedly limited, knowledge. So feel free to comment or respond in anyway you want if you have your own ideas about whatever I touch on, above all I want to start a conversation. Secondly, shows, as well as all other works of art, are more than their politics, most of the time. Indeed stories can be wholly free of political and philiosphical messages if they so choose. That being said, when a story has secrect police forces and government lead conspires, is foucsed on a band of outlaws lead by a former resistance fighter, and has a space preist on a space ship as a major character, it certainly invites a closer look at itself for what it might be saying. Firefly could be full of utter political nonsense, or it could be filled with remarkable social commentary, we’re only going to find out if we look; and if it has solid social commentary, we just got an even better show while if the flip side is true, we got to rewatch Firefly, so this is only really a win-win.

Well, I guess I don’t have much more to say other than that I look forward to this little project. It’ll be interesting and fun and probably lead to some nice conversations. So farewell for now and keep flying.


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