So I’ve been reading and watching a late lately and there’s a few thoughts I want to say about some things, but I don’t think any of it merits a whole post on its own, so here’s some little tidbits.

The Judge

Ok, so this movie came out months ago, but I’m sure it will be on dvd and blu ray and green seal and yellow ray and whatever other way we make to watch movies at home, but I want to bring this up because I feel that as oscar baity as it can feel or even look its actually going to be somewhat forgotten once awards season gets into full swing, and I feel that’s kind of an injustice. The Judge is a damn fine movie with some damn fine acting in it, and is highly recommended. I’m glad I ended up seeing it.

Big Hero 6

Two movies in a comic book review column? Well at least Big Hero 6 was based on a little known Marvel comic and is very much a superhero film, and it apparently made a lot of money, so hopefully it will get a sequel. I totally love this movie, and the best way I can explain it is that it was the total opposite of Transformers 4 for me. With both movies I got excited to some extant, for T4 it was giant robot dinosaurs, for BH6 it was a nice looking Disney animated film based off some Marvel comic that I had never heard of. However, where T4 was a such a massive painful cinematic train wreck, clusterfuck, and total shit storm of such huge proportions for me personally that it has become my own worst film of all time; Big Hero 6 met all of my expectations and then went above and beyond them. It was fun, beautiful, personal, and just all around great, a wonderful book end to major animation this past year that started with The Lego Movie.

Black Widow: The Finally Woven Thread Vol. 1

Black Widow is a pretty good thriller comic, it does its job nicely but some of the things you can kind of see coming if you’re genre savvy, heck even if you’re not genre savvy. The writing isn’t really blowing me away is what I’m saying, its mostly fine. The art is lovely though. It looks almost like a painting, its the first comic book art I want just as a straight up painting, and serves the tone of the story really well. But the thing that really makes me appreciate this comic is a certain realization I came to while reading it. It showed me the depth of the Marvel universe, gave me an appreciation that the universe was able to tell this darker and more dramatic story of a spy trying to atone for her sins while also telling the story of the fangirl who’s fighting giant robots and a bird-man, it showed me how big the Marvel universe really is.

Flight vol. 1 

Flight is an indie anthology comic, and is fantastic. Lots of stories, lots of art styles, lots of ways stories are told, just a whole bunch of good going on fantastic, and lots of beauty also. Go check it out.

The Wicked + The Divine: The Faust Act Vol. 1

Every ninety years twelve gods from various pantheons return as young people, get famous, and are all dead within two years. Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie of Young Avengers fame created this original comic which actually launched just last year. I like it. McKelvie is still doing his art style that I loved so much in Young Avengers, though with less playing around with the panels; Gillen’s writing is still good and fun and funny yet dramatic, and sometimes even tragic. Definitely for those with a healthy appreciation of the weird.

Black Mirror

A dark, often dystopic sci-fi anthology series, of which there are very few. Its really good, at times shocking, sometimes soapboxy, other times blackly humorous, all around good tv.

That’s all I’ve got for now, hope you’re week/day/month/year/other meaningless duration of time is a good one. Farewell, until next time.


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