Know that “A Little Something Different” I’ve done where I talk about stuff that I want to talk about but don’t have enough for a whole post on its own? Well that’s Sideshow now because these are becoming much more regular and need a real name. With that said, let’s get right to it:

I first learned about G. Willow Wilson through the all new Ms. Marvel and she’s quickly become possibly my favorite comics writer. Cairo has only helped to reinforce that notion. A fun little adventure bringing together all sorts of people from very different walks of life to fight some sort of evil. Ok, yeah, that isn’t excatly the most orginal set up or plot, but Wilson pulls it off through a nice mix of fun, drama, and great world building, managing to combine modern Cario with Egyptian and Islamic folklore. I just find myself wanting more from this overall, which isn’t to say that there’s not plenty in the graphic novel already, but I just want a tad more. On the plus side I’m now really curious about Egyptian and Islamic folklore. So in conclusion, G. Willow Wilson’s first comic is recommended by me, which is not a surprise at all. Also I want to buy like 500 copies and through one to any Islamophobe that wants to know “where are the moderate muslims condeming violence?”

I first really encountered Nova when I got bored and watched all of The Ultimate Spider-Man show that Marvel put out after to got back the tv rights from Sony. Its… ok, if you know about the Marvel universe it’ll be funnier. There’s a good Deadpool episode in season 2. Anyway, in the show Nova is kind of a foil to Spidey, being more jockish, wanting glory, a bit more headstrong, wants to be leader, and is much more competitive. The dynamic works over all. Also he allows the Guardians of the Galaxy to make an appearance, so that’s cool. All that being said the show’s Nova and the current comics Nova really only share a name, Sam Alexander, and I like comics Sam, probably because he’s a legacy character in the most literal sense, being the son of the previous Nova. I like that concept a lot actually, having to follow in your own parent’s footsteps, and saving the world? Made for a decient movie anyway. Sadly I don’t get the feeling Nova is too interested in that, which is fine because the story they are telling is rather enjoyable. I defently want to read more because Sam Alexander is rather likeable, and Rocket Racoon and Gamora make an appearance. But to be perfectly honest, I was pretty much sold on this series with “small town boy becomes cosmic hero and meets the Avengers”. All in all a nice orgin story for a fun hero concept.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has issues. It has a large cast and thus feels spread thin at times. Some characters are woefully underdeveloped and some arcs could have had better conclusions. In short its kinda messy. That being said, I totally recommend it to any person with a Netflix and time to kill. This show is funny and doesn’t feel the need to be too restrained, and it kind of reminds me of 30 Rock at times which is a good thing. So yeah, go watch this.

Gravity Falls

I’ve finally fallen on the bandwagon of Gravity Falls and what a great bandwagon it is. I’m tempted to describe this show as “Night Vale for kids”, with its continuity, conspiracies, mysteries, and loving embrace of the weird and strange. However, that doesn’t really capture the uniqueness of this wonderful series about two oddball twins being sent off to stay with their great uncle in a small yet strange town filled with mystery. Add in a stellar voice cast including the always wonderful Kristen Schaal as the silly, borderline crazy twin who flirts like this, guest appearances from Neil Tyson and Nathan Fillion among others, and just plain fanstic writing with great jokes and you have something that I just can’t stop watching and highly recommend.

Bojack Horseman

Speaking of the wonderful Kristen Schaal, this Netflix orginal animated comedy actually came out last year. Its about a horse who use to be one of the biggest sitcom stars of the 90’s and how he rebuilds his life 20 years later. Think Califonication, but with anthropomorphic animals. Yes its funny, and yes its surprisingly serious, and yes its good. Will Arent stars, Kristen Schaal guest stars, there’s a Christmas special, no I’m not justfying this anymore, just trust me its funny.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Nickelback recently released a video for their new song “what do you mean we can’t pull off a 70’s retro thing like Daft Punk?” That featured the worst 30 seconds of dialogue ever. I’m sorry for linking it to you, but it has to be seen to be believed. And you know what? A child could write better than those 30 seconds, and Star vs. The Forces of Evil is proof of that. A princess gets a wand for her birthday, then proceeds to cause massive damage in her excitement, so her parents send her to another dimension to master her powers. Of course the dimension is Earth and she’s treated as a forgien exchange student and placed in the home of a local family with a rule abiding son who’s into martial arts. Then her best friend (who’s a unicorn head and a princess) shows up with scissors that let them hop across dimensions while occasionally fighting off evil. Also: puppies with lazer eyes. And all of that is what I feel is this show’s best strength, it honestly feels like something a kid would come up with, just with a bit of refining and more focus because its actually adults making this. While I’m disappointed it doesn’t seem as concered about continuity and light drama as Gravity Falls, it still feels fun, I was laughing, and honestly I’m just kind of glad that this exists. I can’t quite explain why, but my feminist senses are tingling, so I’m taking that as a good thing. In the end, good fun that’s not afraid to be outlandish and childish in the best way.


Durarara!! is an anime that takes place in a neighborhood of Tokyo and invloves gangs, a pharmaceutical conspiracy, a resturant called “Russia Sushi”, a sientant sword that thinks cutting equals love, and a headless motorcyle riding Irish fairy. That’s the best, general, non spoiler explication I can give you. I wish it was easier, but this show is just so damn good and needs to be experniced. It doesn’t need to just be described, it needs to be watched, because its fanstic, and I’m not even sure what’s happening 20% of the time, but it just makes me want to rewatch it all. I think the best comparison is actually to another anime from the same creator, Baccano!, which I also just totally love and adore. If you liked Baccano! (and how could you not) you’ll like this. Sorry this couldn’t be more descriptive, but I don’t know how else to talk about Durarara!! without just saying “go watch it.” All in all some nice dramatic fun.


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