Harold and Maude:

Formula isn’t a totally bad thing, in fact some things are great because of what they do with formula and our own expectations. Harold and Maude is one of those movies that’s great for being unique while also being almost formulaic. Harold is an idle rich young man with a fascination of death who spends his time driving around in a hearse, attendting random funreals, and constantly faking suicide attempts; even to the point where his mother, whom he lives with, is desensitized to his antics. However, she’s had enough and thinks he needs to grow up, so she does what any rational mother would do to force maturity upon her son: she tries to marry him off. Meanwhile, at a furneal Harold meets Maude, an eccentric lady on the cusp of eighty who gets from place to place by stealing cars and spends her time replanting stolen trees, talking to strangers, and other vaguely manic pixie dream girl stuff; without going into full MPDG terratory. Trough in awkward arraigned dates, one of which results in accidental suicide, a soundtrack by Kat Stevens, and loads of charm and you have yourself a winning, wonderfully odd rom-com that actually works and is even enduring.

Mad Max: Fury Road:

A dictatorial cult leader’s harem escapses with Charlez Theron to go to paradise, then return and lead a revoultion that establishes a macharical socialist utopia. All of this is done in an epic, explosion filled car chase across the desert with a guy playing a flame throwing guitar. Great action, great performances, will be making my top 10, go see it, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t.


I’ve heard this movie described as a “Twin Peaks for the Coachella generation”, and I have to say this cinematic orgy of drugs, cults, sex, conspiracies, sex, mysteries, sex, and sexual fulidtlity could have been a lot better as a miniseries on premium cable. its simply too ambitious, taking its time to build a nice and unique atmosphere, introduce us to the characters and establish how much sex their having (spoiler: its a lot). Then in the last fifteen minutes we get the whole plot explained to us, twists are revealed at ligthening speed, and we get a rushed climax leading to an ending I’m personally not too fond of. That being said, I still recommend this movie because a good chuck of the primary cast is queer, the protagonist is bascally a bi man, and the ride is interesting and fun, even if the destination is disappointing.


J.K. Simmons plays Cave Johnson without the humor and charisma, which is to say that he plays an abusive asshole who cares about his own greatness more than anything else, even harming others in the process of trying to achieve that greatness. Miles Teller also gives a good preformace of a person so consumed with ambition they’re willing to take the abuse. Couple those two with a great jazz foucsed soundtrack and you have a good movie that’s worth a watch.


Kinda pretentious, really about an old, white, famous guy not being famous in the way he wants, but more than worth it for the performances, which are damn great.

Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Good, probably better than the first, lots more character stuff, hulkbuster is awesome, suffers from lack of Loki, most interesting part of Ultron himself isn’t explored, Scarlett Witch needs more screen time, Vision is great. Got nothing else to say.


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