Its been a while. But I have been writing, just for my school’s newspaper, which can be found here. And between that and schoolwork I think the reason for my lack of posts is self-evident. But I’m back now to talk about, well, what else other than everyone’s favorite polymorphing teen superhero from Jersey, Kamala Khan?

An all new Ms. Marvel series starts up this November, which means an all new #1, and damn is the cover just so fucking fantastic. It works on so many levels and damn does it get me even more pumped for something I was already excited for. It shows Kamala’s multicultural status, while also doing that whole “rip clothes to reveal logo” iconic pose that she kinda already did in story, but now its there on the cover and she’s taking part in a tradition, and it just feels so iconic and exciting. Then there’s the Avengers necklace, boldly stating that she’s in the big leagues, saving the whole world at times, fighting alongside Thor, hanging out with Spider-Man, having Captain America’s back, high-fiving Iron Man. Probably. I feel like Tony would high-five her at some point. But none of that is even the most important or best thing about this cover, rather that’s her look. From her face to her walk you know that this is a different Kamala from when we frist meet her. She’s not just the weird fangirl who literally didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. She’s grown, she’s learned, she’s embraced “feeling weird and AWESOME” as she put it. She’s confident now, seeing danger, and strolling right towards it because she knows she’s got this. In Kamala’s very frist cover she’s wearing the Ms. Marvel logo on a t-shirt, textbooks in hand, making a fist, gearing up for whatever may be ahead of her. Now she has claimed the logo as her own, proudly displayed on the costume she made herself, as she saunters off into battle. The fangirl has become the icon.

Hi! Thanks for reading the alt text. That's cool of you. Have a cookie.

Of course this is the first picture on this blog.

Like I said, Kamala is in the big leagues now, so she’s also staring in All-New All-Different Avengers (ANADA). Now I could attempt to do a proper review and say cool the Hulkbuster car is, or how threatening the villain is looking, or just how good the series is looking; but honestly I want to talk about the squee-inducing ship bait and how much I ship Kamala and Sam Alexander, aka Nova, now. Which is to say, I ship them a LOT. Now part of that is that they have this sort of “angry misunderstanding meet cute” thing that basically yells: THESE CHARACTERS WILL HAVE ROMANTIC ENTANGLEMENTS! But honestly it was a kinda cute meeting, and also their dates can include going to the movies and then beating up doombots, so that’s cool. However, the whole little side story about their frist meeting is probably the best thing in ANADA, because it’s just so true to life. When Sam sees Kamala in costume for the frist time, he’s instantly smitten, and tries to be nice and impress her, constantly failing and then being aware of that failure, and then trying to make up for it but failing again. All the while Kamala is kinda frustrated, but knows she’s being too hard on him, and does things she regrets, until all the awkwardness builds to the two being angry and frustrated at each other and even more at themselves. The whole thing is two awkward teenagers meeting and messing up this frist meeting by trying to be cool, but being awkward; and the only thing that makes any of it different from a normal meeting is that the teens are fighting a giant monster while wearing spandex. And that’s kind of the reason I hooked on Ms. Marvel in the frist place.


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