Well we have a brand new Star Wars movie, and despite giving us the best too good, too pure cinnamon roll ever in the form of BB-8; I’ve publicly called for Star Wars to die. and I stand by that overly click bait statement and the article attached to it, but I also want to go into more detail and establish more nuance than is allowed in the sort of restrictive format of AP style college newspapers. So here goes.

I don’t like the idea of more Star Wars films. That’s what I mean when I say I want Star Wars to “die”, because lord knows I don’t want this amazing fandom to die. But why don’t I want more Star Wars movies? Thanks for asking hypothetical person who isn’t screaming in the comments. It’s because we don’t need more Star Wars. At least not more giant blockbusters that dominate everything everywhere and is totally inescapable. Hell, after watching all six movies what I’m really wanting is a Star Wars live action tv show. Because this universe is great and I’ve loved going back to it. Its big, and epic, and filled with history and lore. And also just really cool stuff like laser swords and samurai police monks and a kick ass princess with a witty scoundrel and an idealistic farm boy flying among the stars fighting space nazis. But I’m getting off track. My point is Star Wars is really damn good and has made its cultural mark. It will endure because its transcended itself. Star Wars is not merely an IP owned by Disney or a series of films or a certain brand. Its part of the culture at large. People quote without even realizing it, they know its twists and its iconography without seeing it because it’s on the level of the biggest superheroes, and even is close to Shakespeare. So I say leave Star Wars be. Let it do what Shakespeare now does: persist and inspire. Let Star Wars continue to exist because it’s just so damn good we won’t let it go. Let Star Wars serve as inspiration to countless other storytellers for generations to come, but don’t let it crowd out those storytellers’ own stories. Also, as a final note, there’s just too much of a good thing. I’m not sure I can take a Star Wars movie each year, and while I’m LOVING lots of the merch, good god can you just not get away from this movie. I’ve seen a car ad piggybacking on Force Awakens. An ad for cars. Cars.

I fucking love Star Wars. I sat through like more than 12 hours of movie rewatching this thing and I liked it all. Even the bad parts. I like talking about it. I like playing the video games. I like the little encyclopedia thingys they’ve put out detailing all sorts of weird info. I’ve liked going back and playing battlefront and watching the movies and thinking about them. Also R2-D2 and BB-8. That should be enough right there. And yet there’s more. There’s this. These are the leads. A whole new generation is experiencing Star Wars and whole new groups get to see themselves in the biggest movie of the year and I’m not cold-hearted enough to say that good isn’t coming out of this. Because it is. And whatever my complaints, whatever my concerns about an entertainment industry built far too much on nostalgia and so risk averse as to be detrimental, a whole lot of people share a love of a thing. How can I hate that?

Happy Holidays from BB-8!

I mean look at this, its just so great. Source.


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