The first time I really, truly, honestly encountered David Bowie’s music; by which I mean not just simply heard it on the radio, or heard it in passing and thought it was some merely nice music, but actually felt it, listened to it, as pretentious as that sounds, was in the film of Its Kind of a Funny Story. Specifically the scene musical fantasy sequence centered around “Under Pressure”. Its honestly kind of silly and even embarrassing to some extent that my kind of entry way to one of the greatest musicians of perhaps ever and definitely of my lifetime occurred thanks to Zach Galifianakis’s bejeweled beard, but that’s me. And that movie is so profoundly important to me because it resonates with me and introduced me to the book it was based off of and introduced me to a character who for once, I understood, I knew, that in so many ways was me. And that’s stuck with me, probably even in ways I don’t understand, and its probably shaping me. But this isn’t the “Its Kind of a Funny Story is a super great movie” post, its the “what David Bowie means to me” post. And that scene, with that song, is important because that was the first time Bowie, and also Queen, really clicked for me, in a way. I mean, five to six years on and I still know Bowie mostly as this great artist who I’m certain I will like but need to get into more, basically I’m a wanna be fan. Which sounds incredibly pathetic and dumb; and yet I’m just so sad that Bowie is gone, which EVERYONE is, yes, but everyone also has a different Bowie that they know and love and connect with and resonate with and understand and worship and enjoy. Mine is a group of broken people who are loosely tethered to reality, some of whom can barely trust themselves with their own lives, in some mental hospital coming together with only shitty second hand or makeshift instruments and creating a song about how difficult and yet wonderful love is and how it compels us to care about ourselves and others in spite and because of a horrible, frightening world. I think that’s what I wanted to say with this.


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